Week One

Who the hell is Og Mandino and what is this book? Scrolls? DMP? Aaaand I’m out of town and nowhere near my computer…but it’s all worth it. I’ve ¬†been beginning a new life 3xs a day and my life is already looking better. I am waking up with the promised vitality and I kind of crave positivity. I’m nowhere near being a guru, enlightened, or some kind of inexplicably omniscient old shaman, but eh…I’m getting better.

I am becoming Lord of my thoughts. My mind is a fertile field and nothing that is planted and nourished will fail to grow. I must control what I plant. Og states that all men are slaves to their habits, but before I can form ¬†habit, I need to control my thoughts…or at least it seems that way to me. I am actively assaulting negative thoughts and strategically removing pessimistic people from my spheres of influence. Is this necessary? Is it enough? I’ll look back on this 25 weeks from now and see.


My Inaugural Post

This is my first post before the deluge of knowledge that is sure to come during my MKMMA journey. I look forward to all that will be acquired.